Precision-Timed Serum Delivery

Simultaneous Resurfacing and Serum Infusion at Skin’s Peak Moment of Receptivity


Closing the Loop on Time Gaps

Dermalinfusion is powered by its patented handpiece, developed to deliver many precise skin benefits in one simultaneous action.

The pneumatic chamber at the handpiece tip creates closed-loop suction onto skin upon contact, instantly lifting skin for extraction and abrasion by a recessed exfoliating diamond tip.  At the same time, pneumatic pressure infuses skin with ingredient-rich serums.  This process is not sequential, but simultaneous, and is how Dermalinfusion’s technology eliminates time-gaps between exfoliation and serum application for optimal skin receptivity and retention.


Unrivaled Skincare Technology

Dermalinfusion is the most effective resurfacing treatment available from a medical professional.


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary depending on each patient.