Precision-Timed Delivery

Simultaneous Resurfacing and Serum Infusion at Skin’s Peak Moment of Receptivity



The Dermalinfusion Difference


Diamond tip exfoliation delivers the ultimate skin resurfacing experience

Uniform, even and precise exfoliation

Dry, damaged top layer of skin is cleared


Vacuum pressure flushes skin surface and pores to deep clean, removing dirt, debris and bacteria

Serum Infusion

Specialized Pro-infusion serums are delivered deep into the skin and address specific skin conditions

This high degree of customization results in skin that shows immediate and noticeable improvement in
volume, hydration, tone and texture.


Diamond Treatment Tips


Dermalinfusion is the standard for non-invasive exfoliation and pressurized condition-specific serum delivery. It utilizes an arsenal of uniquely designed treatment heads enabling customized treatment.


Medical Grade Diamond Treatment Tips: Patented diamond tips abrade the skin at a controlled depth, exfoliating damaged skin cells while delivering condition-specific serums deep into the skin. This patented technology provides superior and safe exfoliation with maximum infusion.

Unrivaled Skincare Technology

Dermalinfusion is the most effective resurfacing treatment available from a medical professional.


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary depending on each patient.